We make top-notch Copra by drying new coconut meat (part) in half-breed sun-based dryers. With productive and ceaseless drying innovation, we can diminish the dampness substance of new coconut parts from around half to lower than 6% inside 48 hours. This outcome can be accomplished using sunlight-based energy during light and environmentally friendly power from smokeless biomass consuming the entire evening.

In Indonesia, you will track down the biggest estate of coconut trees, so PT. NAS Barokah Internasional is focused on giving quality coconut and its items to satisfy the interest throughout the planet to the customers. You don't have to worry about the amount and quality as we observe the global norms for trading Copra throughout the planet.

Copra is the dried meat or piece of the Coconut, which is the product of the coconut palm. Coconut oil is separated from Copra, making it a significant rural item for some coconut-delivering nations. It also yields defatted coconut cake after oil extraction, mostly utilized as feed for domesticated animals.

Actual Style: Dried Type
Coconut Taste: Sweet Shape
Whole Packing: Jute Gunny Bags
Quality Specification : - Edible
Grade: White Colorfully dried mature Copra made sing more modest size coconuts with thicker mear
Moisture Content :Max 6%

We trade the items in a quality bundle to remain safe until the conveyance to the ideal location. Our quality affirmation group works nonstop to guarantee the conveyance. We have various extended lengths of inclusion, and a history. Our experience ensures that our endeavors will be progressed nicely and with the most extraordinary certifiable ability. We similarly use just exhibited and reliably supply fresh Copra.

As one of the leading Copra providers, we have every one of the offices to deal with the orders around the world. We likewise have a drawn-out agreement with a few delivery organizations to convey the best quality coconut items.

At PT. NAS Barokah Internasional, we acknowledge that quality ought to be quantifiable; it should be tended to in the materials and workmanship. With long stretches of involvement with the Coconut convey industry, we have the data for sorts of Coconut from various spaces in Indonesia.